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Tuesday, 16 February 2010

Creative Writing Tips

We’ve all heard that read, read, read and write, write, write takes you along the path to be a better writer. Yes, it’s true, but that may not be enough.
  • If you just read, read, read you may forget most things within a few weeks or months
  • If you just write, write, write you may continue to write not as well as you could
You need to learn, learn, learn as well. The question is how?
It’s not easy, you need to:
  • Attend Creative Writing courses and workshops – get tips from the experts
  • Read Creative Writing books – get more tips from more experts
  • Join Writing Groups – read out your stories – get tips from peers – hopefully some of them will be experts
  • Record (on a PC preferably) everything you have learnt from the above in a coherent way that you understand – this will be your ‘writer’s toolkit’
  • Once your toolkit is compiled, it’s application should become second nature, in a sensible fashion
  • You can add information to your toolkit as you learn new techniques
Here is what your Toolkit will do for you:
  • Help you to plan and create your stories
  • Act as a detailed reminder of what to do at the start of creating stories
  • Act as a checklist of what should have been achieved at the end of writing the story
How to use your Toolkit:
  • It is not intended to be used slavishly – it should be your servant and not your master
  • Think of it as being a real toolkit – just select the tools you need for the job in hand
  • Once the story has been planned and is underway, and it needs to be developed differently from the plan, then so be it – but the original plan can still be modified to suit, if necessary
  • Many of the process steps will require an iterative approach – especially researching and writing
The intention is to write creatively in an efficient and structured manner

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Here is my Tool Kit

The Creation Process – the Thirteen Steps...

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